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Top Tips To Finding Your Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

March 23, 2017

1. Get Everyone Together

Its difficult to find the perfect dresses when you don’t have your whole entourage with you, make sure all of your bridesmaids are available and attend your appointment, you’ll have to make another appointment for anyone who is missing to be measured and they may not like the dress you have chosen in their absence! Make sure you invite anyone who’s opinion you would like before you purchase. We often have brides coming to visit us who have bridesmaids living in other parts of the world, we can usually get their measurements and sometimes skype call them so they can be part of the appointment.


2. Have An Open Mind

Most shops including ours only carry samples in a few sizes and colours, you have to be able to visualise what the dresses will look like when they are all in the perfect colour and size for your maids!


3. Get Your Timing Right

Our Bridesmaid Boutique, like all retail shops works on a seasonal rotation, usually we are selling dresses in the winter which will be worn in summer and vice versa, make sure you visit around 6 months before your wedding to see what the trends will be when your getting hitched. 


4. Don’t Leave It Too Long

The opposite can also be true and leaving your dress shopping too late could be a catastrophe, most dresses take around 12-14 weeks to be manufactured and you want to leave time for any alterations you may need!


5. Listen To One Another

Ultimately, it is usually the brides choice but listen to your girls and make sure you are getting them something they all feel comfortable in. Happy bridesmaids will make your day and photos even more amazing.


6. Have Fun!

Above all finding your dresses should be an enjoyable experience and one of the parts of wedding planning that shouldn’t be too stressful for you, let us help you make your shopping experience easy and fun.


You can visit Polly Rose Boutique at 71 Causeyside Street, Paisley

To book an appointment and for all our prices visit our website www.pollyroseboutique.com

or call us on 0141 887 7665




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