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Types Of Bridesmaids

April 15, 2017

Here at Polly Rose Boutique we're all about the bridesmaids! We're sure you have seen many articles describing types of brides from Bridezilla to the Bridechilla, today we are giving you our take on the types of bridesmaids we have met over the last few months!

The Overachiever

This bridesmaid can do it all, they organise the hen doo, make sure everyone has paid their deposits and keep the other bridesmaids right. They always answer the brides late night messages first and have a solution for any problem. This is the bridesmaid you need to help you keep your wedding plans on track, but tell her to put her clipboard away on the wedding day!


The Party Starter

We all need a party starter in our lives, ok, so, she turned up to the bridesmaid boutique hungover from the night before but she is sure to get everyone up dancing at your reception and she keeps everyone's spirits high when you are running wedding errands.


The Devil’s Advocate

The devil’s advocate is your reality check, she'll question your decisions to make sure you have thought them through, she doesn't hold back her feelings and says it how it is. A roll of the eyes will keep her in check – she only has your best interests at heart.


The Happy Go Lucky Gal

This girl is the easiest of all, she's happy to go along with whatever everyone else likes and doesn't like to make a fuss. She's care free and will happily wear a hideous bridesmaid dress for you - anything to keep the bride happy.


The Absentee

You haven't seen this bridesmaid since you got engaged, she never turns up for planned activities and you’re not sure if she's even still in the group chat?! None the less you’re sure she'll be there, by your side on your big day. (Well, Hopefully!)


The Worrier

This Bridesmaid worries about everything and is in a bit of a panic over your wedding plans, she read a buzzfeed article about weddings in June and hasn’t slept for 5 days, this bridesmaid helps you pull your thoughts together. While the bride reassures the worrier she also reassures herself!


The Bouncer

This girl will make sure nothing disrupts your special day, she'll happily drag your drunken uncle out of your reception to make sure he doesn't get a hold of the microphone!


Which types of bridesmaids make up your entourage? Tag them in this post!!!






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